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Frogwyck Kennels are situated on nine acres in the rolling hills of Kurrajong New South Wales. Our   love   affair   with   this   wonderful   breed   began   in   1998   when   we   purchased   our   first   French   Bulldog        "Dalrite   Light   my   Fire"   (Flynt).            A   2nd   companion   quickly   followed,   "Britbull   Abracadabra"   (Abby),      along with   a   move   from   the   city   to   a   rural   property,      so   began   our   passion.      Although   complete   novices,   we began   showing   our   dogs   and   very   shortly   thereafter   decided   that   this   was   an   interest   that   we   wanted   to pursue.  I   became   very   active   within      the   French   Bulldog   Club   of NSW   and   have   held   many   positions   within   the   Executive and   Committee   over   the   years.         I   am   now   currently   the President   of   the   club.         With   advice   and   encouragement from     experienced     fellow     breeders,     we     established Frogwyck   Kennels   in   the   year   2000.      We   then   imported   a male   "Belboulecan   Stargazer   Zodiac"   (Zodiac)   from   Canada, who   produced      wonderfully   sound      puppies   for   us.      We were   then   on   our   way   to   achieving   our   dream   of      breeding and   showing      quality   healthy   French   Bulldogs.      We   will always   be   grateful   to   those   breeders   who   have   guided   and helped us along the way. Our   philosophy   is   to   do   our   best   to   breed   the   healthiest, true   to   type   French   Bulldogs   that   we   possibly   can,   and   as serious   and   dedicated   breeders,      we   x-ray   and   screen   all parents   for   hemivertibrae,   hip   dysplasia,   slipping   patellas and   elongated   soft   palate.   We   also   DNA   test   for   various hereditary   traits   prior   to   breeding   from      Champion/s   who   have   proven   themselves   in   the   show   ring.                       We also x-ray the hips and spine of our puppies before they go to their new homes at 10-12 weeks of age. To   date,      Frogwyck   Kennels   have   bred   24   Australian   Champions   and   4   New   Zealand   Champions,   including multiple   Best   in   Show   and   Royal   winners.      We   have   also   had   the   honour   of   winning      four   "Best   Breeders Group"  and  one  "Best Sires Progeny" titles at Specialty Show level in both  New South Wales and Victoria. Our   puppies   are   raised   in   a   family   environment   with   an   emphasis   on   early   socialisation   with   other   dogs   and children.      By   combining   a   free   exercise   regime   with   a   quality   raw   food   diet   and   lots   of   love   and   attention, we   are   very   proud   of   the   fitness   and   temperament   of   our   French   Bulldogs.      We   are   therefore   very   selective with   whom   we   entrust   with   our   puppies,   and   we   expect   prospective   new   owners   to   be   fully   committed   to the   care   and   welfare   of   their   new   puppy.      This   is   why   we   only   consider   homes   where   the   owners   can provide   care   and   companionship   throughout   most   of   the   day.      Together   with   all   official   paperwork,   we provide   new   owners   with   a   comprehensive   breed   specific   Puppy   Booklet,   Diet   and   Care   sheets,   Food   and six   weeks'      free   pet   insurance.         Please   know   that   we   only   sell   our   puppies   on   "Limited   Register"      which means   that   they   are   sold   as   pet   companions      only,   and   are   not   to   be   bred   from      or   shown,   and   they   must be desexed when old enough. We      love   to   know   how   our   puppies   are   growing,   and      encourage   new   owners   of   our   puppies   to   remain      in touch, with photos or the occasional visit.
Members of - The French Bulldog Club of NSW Inc. The French Bulldog Club of Queensland The French Bulldog Club of Victoria Inc. Non Sporting Dog Club of NSW Inc. The French Bulldog Awareness Group of W.A. Auckland Bulldog Club of N.Z.
B U Y E R    W A R N I N G  : Due   to   the   increased   popularity   of   the   French   Bulldog,   more   and   more   inexperienced   opportunists   are breeding   puppies   for   profit   only.      They   are   also      breeding   so   called   "rare   colours"   such   as   blue,   black   & tan,   chocolate,   liver,   merle   etc.   These   colours   are   highly   undesirable   and   not   recognised   within   the breed standard, and they are certainly not worth more money.   Avoid making a bad decision !   An   ethical,   responsible   breeder   breeds   to   improve   the   health   of   the   French   Bulldog,   not   just   to   create   a "product"   for   sale.   They   know   their   dogs,   study   pedigrees,   and   health   test   their   dogs   before   planning   a litter.   Ideally   there   should   be   Champions   listed   in   your   puppy's   pedigree.   They   are   involved   in   breed club   activities   and   health   schemes,   and   compete   in   the   show   ring   with   their   dogs.   Most   will   have   a waiting list, so be prepared to wait for your new puppy.
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