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WHY CHOOSE A PUREBRED DOG ? There are definite benefits to owning a purebred dog: Purebred   dogs   are   the   result   of   many   years   of   selective breeding.      All   breeds   were   developed   for   a   specific purpose,   and   documentation   is   available   on   the   history and   heritage   of   each   particular   breed.      When   you   buy a   purebred   puppy,   you   will   know   what   to      expect   in the   adult   dog,   as   the   size,   temperament,   appearance and characteristics are predictable. When    considering    a    purebred    dog,    it    is    possible    to narrow   down   the   choices   to   those   attributes   that   most closely   fit   your   personal   lifestyle   and   interests.      For example,    whether    the    dog    will    be    good    with    your children   or   whether   you   will   have   time   to   groom   and exercise   the   dog   properly.      When   you   buy   a   puppy   from a   responsible   breeder,   they   will   provide   background about   the   breed   and   discuss   the   characteristics   of   the adult dog.   You   will   be   provided   with   a   documented   history   of   the puppy   (Registration/Pedigree   Papers),   and   you   will   be able    to    see    one    or    both    parents    or    other    family members. For more information take our link to DogsNSW
BUYING A FRENCHIE By Sheridan Ledger
The French Bulldog  its overall health and medical problems   by Dr Karen Hedberg BVSc
ANKC  (Australian National Kennel Club) FRENCH BULLDOG  -  BREED STANDARD
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